Specialty Venetian Blinds

High performance, technically advanced venetian blind systems.
Specialty Venetian Blinds are External Venetian Blinds which can be specified for external or internal use with the primary benefit of reducing solar heat gain whilst maximising the use of daylight, contributing to higher human comfort and productivity levels.
The blinds are manufactured and engineered at our facility in Sydney using high quality aluminium slats and components which can be raised, lowered and tilted by motorisation or integrated automation control.
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Key Features
Easy to Operate
System operation by manual, motorised remote control or fully integrated automation.
Ease of Installation
Customisation of system widths and lengths offer retrofit installation to internal, external and double skin facades.
Aluminium’s Innate Properties
High radiation reflection, low radiation absorption and low transmission values. Reduction in the energy requirements of mechanical heating/cooling systems.
High Wind Resistance
Head box, slats, cable guides and extruded aluminium base rails are engineered to withstand extreme wind loads.
Maximise Use of Daylight
More efficient cross ventilation can be achieved by slats automatically tilting to optimise shading at varying sun angles.
High Quality and Durable Components
high-strength, shrink-resistant and reinforced 100% Kevlar ladder braid.
Aluminium Slats
Crowned aluminium slats are made from a highly elastic alloy, making them flexible, scratch-proof and shock-proof. Double omega punching, (standard on external and double skin facade installations) combined with the ladder braids ensure smooth closing of slats, also retaining slat alignment and stability in most weather conditions and minimise excessive movement.

Horiso's powder coating finishing processes and products are approved by Qualicoat, an internationally recognised powder coating licensing authority.

Standard colours:
* Custom colours can be requested using the RAL colour system (subject to minimum quantity requirements).

Perforated Slats:
Perforated aluminium slats feature tiny circular holes allowing a small amount of light through the blind when it is closed or tilted. A large amount of natural light is excluded with a small percentage of light allowing to pass through. Solar heat gain and glareis significantly reduced including harmful UV rays. The small percentage of light that is allowed to pass through allows a partial view through the window to be maintained.
* Perforated slats are offered in our standard aluminium colours. Custom colours can be requested using the RAL colour system (subject to minimum quantity requirements).
Timber Slats
Horiso selects timber for the manufacturing of timber slats from environmentally responsible sources which guarantee the sustainability of the plantation. Only mature trees are cut to protect natural eco-systems and to avoid damaging soil erosion.

Standard Colours:
3 white variations available.
Range of stain colours available.
Specialty Venetian Blinds in double skin facades
Horiso external venetian blinds are suitable for installation in double-skin facades. External venetian blinds installed between the two skins / facades maximise the management of the solar energy passing through the facade. Operational control of the external venetian blinds optimise the benefits for both the building and the occupants.
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