About Us

A Proud Australian Manufacturer

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Horiso is a specialised solutions provider of solar shading systems for architects, developers and builders with proven expertise in the commercial, hospitality, government, and residential sectors. We are committed to supplying innovative design and sustainable technology through our energy efficient product range.

Our solar control shading systems are installed throughout the globe in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the USA.

Horiso has been manufacturing solar shading in our Sydney facility since 2001 and is a member of the BMAA Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia.

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We approach each individual project requirement

Horiso provides complete assessment and planning advice to architects, designers, builders and residential homeowners. Each project is planned thoroughly with system advice based on a building's geographical position, sun angles, reflected glare from other building's and natural environment.

Components manufactured in Australia using high quality materials and advanced processes

Our aim with each application is to provide a solution

Our products are sold and installed by an exclusive dealer network of dedicated professionals. We deliver market leading products, supported by unmatched expertise and in-depth collaboration with your design and engineering challenges.

Sustainable Commitment

Horiso solar shading systems:

Horiso are committed to: